Terms and Conditions

Welcome to mono.net’s Terms & Conditions.

The official version of Mono Solutions ApS (Mono, Mono.net) Terms and Conditions is the Danish version (“Betingelser”). This is a translation for convenience purposes. Mono takes no responsibility for any errors or omissions in this translation. Mono also gives no warranty, express or implied, as to the accuracy, completeness or reliability of the translation. In case of conflict or discrepancy between this translation and the Danish version, the Danish version always has priority and shall prevail.

Thank you for choosing mono.net to build your website. Below, we have listed the terms and conditions (hereafter referred to as “the agreement”) relevant to all who use our services or visit our website. Please note that we distinguish between private and commercial users, and thus different periods of agreements are applicable. See section 2.b regarding cancellation.

This agreement is to protect both users and ourselves, and to provide the necessary services of mono.net.

In addition to our Terms & Agreement, we recommend that you read our Privacy Policy applicable to all visitors of our website as well as users of mono.net’s services - regardless of whether you are a paying user of one or more of our services, or a user of our Free Trial subscription.

We realize that reading legal documents can be a tedious affair. Therefore, we have tried to make this agreement as easy as possible to read.

This agreement was last updated in August 2018.


This agreement is between you and Mono Solutions Aps:

Mono Solutions ApS (hereafter Mono, mono.net, we or us)
Hejrevej 28, 1.
DK-2400 Copenhagen NV
CVR: 30192648
Phone: +45 32 10 30 70
Email: info@mono.net


In order to enter into this agreement you must be 18 years old and in possession of a valid payment card. Upon starting a subscription with mono.net you accept the general terms and conditions that regulate the relationship between you, the user, and mono.net.

1. Delivery, billing and signing up to a payment service

Once you have completed your order for a paid website or webshop subscription you can log in to your Mono-account with your account email and password. From here you can access all your subscriptions, as well as manage your domains and emails. You will receive all future invoices electronically to the email you have submitted as your primary Mono-email address (electronic invoicing).

NOTE! By accepting these terms and conditions you acknowledge that mono.net uses a direct debit service which automatically renews your subscriptions and Mono services immediately after the deadline for the cancellation of a subscription expires. This prevents any subscriptions you have bought from being cancelled and deleted due to missing payment. You are responsible for updating your debit card details in your Mono Account Center, as well as the email connected to your Mono account. The latter ensures that Mono can easily get in touch with you should any problems arise concerning payment(s).

1.a Right of Cancellation

In accordance with the Danish “Forbrugeraftalelov” customers have right of cancellation of purchases up to 14 days after purchase. However, this right of cancellation is given on tailor made solutions such as domains and websites as these are unique and, thus, adapted to the individual customer. In order to provide a speedy delivery of services purchased at mono.net, establishment and delivery of the purchased product is carried out immediately after purchase. You therefore accept that any right of cancellation automatically expires as soon as mono.net has initiated the establishment and/or ordering of the ordered service through any third party affiliate.


2. Payment, duration and cancellation


2.a Free trial

You are free – for a period of up to 14 days – to try out the Mono tool, as well as to build your own websites without submitting anything other than your email. For the duration of the Free Trial, you will have access to all the features of the toolset. When the 14-day Free Trial expires, and provided that you have not upgraded to a paid subscription, your webpage will be suspended and, thus, no longer be active online.  After expiry of the 14-day Free Trial, you have an additional 16 days to upgrade your subscription, should you wish to keep your webpage. So, al-in-all, you have 30 days from signing up to upgrade to a paid subscription, thus ensuring that you do not lose your webpage. Mono reserves the right to permanently shut down any webpage if it has not been upgraded within 30 days.

2.b Cancellation of paid subscriptions

A paid subscription runs for either 1 month, 12 months, or 24 months, depending on the payment rate chosen at purchase. Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. However, to avoid the automatic renewal of said subscription, cancellation must happen no later than 14 days before next renewal of said subscription.

For example, if you have upgraded your subscription to a monthly paid subscription on 1 January 2018, your subscription will be active until 31 January 2018. Should you wish to cancel your subscription before the automatic renewal on 1 February 2018, this must be done no later than 16 January 2018, thereby keeping you within the notice of resignation. If you have a 12-month (yearly) subscription, the same rules apply, however, on a yearly basis. This means that if you bought a 12-month subscription on 1 January 2018, and you wish to cancel this, this need to be done no later than 17 December 2018. Otherwise, your subscription will be automatically renewed for the duration of another year on 1 January 2019.

Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time by going to My Account > Account Center > My Subscriptions and clicking on “Manage” for the subscription you wish to cancel.

A subscription can only be cancelled through your Account Center, or by written approach to support@mono.net. Note that a written enquiry for cancellation must happen from the specific email attached to the account in question. Further note that a lack of payment does not constitute a valid cancellation.

Note that no refunds are given for time remaining on a subscription upon cancellation unless mono.net, according to existing statutes, are obligated hereto. One-off services such as domains and emails are not refunded.

After cancellation of a subscription through your Account Center, it will no longer be possible to access and/or collect content including text and images added or created through our services.


2.c Alteration of payment frequencies

It is possible to change your payment frequency from e.g. a monthly payment frequency to a yearly or biennial payment frequency. This can be done by contacting our support team – either by creating a support ticket through your Account Center, or by writing an email to support@mono.net. Note that alterations of payment frequencies must happen no later than 14 days prior to the automatic renewal of your subscription. Emails must be sent from the official email address connected to your Mono Account. Note that alterations of payment frequencies take effect after expiry of your current payment period. This means that if you e.g. have a subscription with a yearly payment frequency which expires on 1 July 2018, and you contact Mono Support on 1 May 2018, the change of payment frequency will not take effect until 2 July 2018.

2.d Payment of subscriptions

All subscriptions are paid in advance. It is only possible to pay with credit/debit cards. The following credit/debit cards are accepted: MasterCard, VISA, American Express and Dankort.

If a payment is not completed, for any reason (e.g. expiry of credit card or lack of available funds), you will receive an email instructing you to change/update your credit card information in your Mono Account Center. In case you do not change your credit card information within 5 days of the initial notice, the mono subscription in question will be suspended until the outstanding amount is paid. If payment is not completed within 90 days of the initial notice, the subscription in question will be closed without further notice, and the webpage terminated.

2.e Possible re-creation of terminated/deleted subscriptions

At times, it can be possible to re-create a website or webshop for a period of up to 12 weeks after termination/deletion of the subscription, since backups of terminated/deleted websites are kept for a period of between 1 and 12 weeks after termination.

mono.net does not guarantee the ability to recreate a website from a backup. However, if it proves possible for mono.net to recreate a website from backup, a reopening fee of 499,- DKK will be charged. An email subscription can sometimes be recreated for up to 2 weeks after termination against a reopening fee of 499,- DKK. We ask that you contact support@mono.net for information on whether it is possible to recreate a subscription.

2.f Chasing procedure for late invoices

In case an invoice remains unpaid – resulting in the suspension of a subscription – continuous reminder fees of 100 DKK can be imposed on the owner of the account/subscription. Reminder fees have a time allowed for payment of 20 days. The user must update his/her credit/debit card information in his/her Account Center, as well as pay the outstanding amount no later than 20 days after due date of payment to avoid receiving the first reminder fee of 100 DKK. If neither invoice nor first reminder fee is paid by the due date, another reminder fee of 100 DKK is added. This second reminder fee is to be paid no later than 20 days after the due date of payment of the first reminder fee. If the second reminder fee is not paid by its due date of payment, a third reminder fee of 100 DKK will be added. This reminder fee will be due 20 days after the due date of the second reminder fee.

Are overdue invoices not paid within 90 days of the due date of payment of the original invoice, Mono reserves the right to forward any and all outstanding debt collection to a legal debt collection agency, which, in turn, may incur further fees. Mono further reserves the right to cancel your account with mono.net, as well as any subscriptions associated with the account, should invoices and/or fees remain unpaid beyond 90 days.

2.g Duration and cancellation of email subscriptions

All yearly and biennial subscriptions include an email subscription. Email subscriptions include 1 free email account for the first 12 months. Subscriptions are automatically renewed after said 12 months, provided it has not been cancelled in the meantime. If you do not wish to take advantage of the free email subscription, you need to cancel it no later than 2 weeks prior to its automatic 12-month renewal. Email subscriptions can be cancelled in your Account Center under “Subscriptions”. Here, you can also see the date of the automatic renewal of  your email subscription.

2.h When can mono.net cancel/discontinue subscriptions?

mono.net can, at any time, cancel a subscription with 30 days’ notice, if the subscription type in question is subject to discontinuation. In case of discontinuation, the user will be refunded the remaining pre-paid difference for the subscription in question.

Furthermore, mono.net reserves the right to – at its own discretion and without explanatory justification – cancel/discontinue a subscription with a 30-day written notice. This notice will be sent to the email account affiliated with the subscription in question. In case of cancellation/discontinuation of subscriptions, remaining pre-paid difference will be refunded for the subscription in question.


3. Pricing

Current prices are specified by and for the subscriptions, products, and services in question in your Mono Account Center, as well as on our website (www.mono.net). All prices include VAT.


4. Changing a subscription

You can upgrade your subscription (e.g. from Professional to E-commerce) from your Account Center at any time. Upon upgrading you will receive an additional invoice proportional to the difference in payment between the original subscription and the upgraded subscription, as well as for the extended subscription period. The starting date of your new subscription period will be measured from the date you upgrade your subscription. For example, if you have signed up for a Professional subscription on 1 January 2017, then subsequently upgrade to a yearly paid E-commerce subscription on 4 March 2018, your subscription period will henceforth be measured from 4 March 2018 to 3 March 2019.

Should you wish to downgrade your subscription from e.g. E-commerce to Professional, you need to contact mono.net support via email at support@mono.net or, alternatively, create a support ticket from your Mono Account Center.

Note that when you upgrade your subscription from a Free Trial to any paid subscription, you cannot downgrade back to Free Trial.

4.a Ownership applies to the owner of the account

It is important to note that any changes to a subscription (e.g. upgrading, downgrading, change in personal information, domain registration, as well as cancellation of subscriptions) can only be made by the person registered as the account owner of the account where said subscriptions are registered. All changes to a subscription must be made directly from the Mono Account Center, or by contacting Mono Support from the email registered to the mono.net subscription in question. You can view and/or change your account email at any time from your Account Center under Account Details > Contact info. It is your responsibility to keep your email up to date so that mono.net can get in touch with you regarding any services you have at any time.

In case of a dispute over ownership of an account, a decision will always fall in favor of the owner of the email registered to the account (the email registered in your Mono Account Center). If the purpose of the website is to market a business, and said business has a valid CVR/CBR number registered in the Mono Account Center, the owner of said business can obtain access to the account by providing documentation of ownership of the business to mono.net support.


5. Domains

In relation to  the purchase of a Mono Professional and/or E-Commerce subscription, it is possible to buy one or more domains and assign them to a specific Mono site.

5.a Domain-registration cannot be cancelled/annulled

Once a domain has been registered, it is not possible to cancel/annul the purchase. This applies even in the case of misregistration of a domain (e.g. typing/spelling error). See section 1.a Right of Cancellation.

5.b Your responsibilities regarding domain registration

When registering a domain with mono.net you declare, as the registrant of the domain that you agree that the domain name does not infringe on any third-party names or trademark rights or is otherwise likely to go against any current statutes and/or legislation.

Upon ordering a domain, said domain will be registered in your name. When ordering a domain, mono.net acts solely as an intermediary between the customer and the service provider. Thus, mono.net has no accountability regarding the registration of said domain. Mono can on no account be held responsible for any loss relating to the moving or registration of a domain name. The customer is obligated to ensure that the registration and/or moving of a domain has taken place after ordering and should contact mono.net support on support@mono.net or through his/her Mono Account Center should this not be the case. This means that all demands or complaints must be directed at the third-party service provider unless otherwise agreed.

5.c Ordering and delivery

When purchasing a domain, it can take a minimum of five days (sometimes longer) from the order is placed for the domain to be officially registered and ready for use on your webpage and/or web-shop.

Cases may occur where, from Mono’s point of view, domains are marked as available when they are not. This is because replies to domain requests with respective TLD-administrators (Top Level Domain administrators) can sometimes be delayed and/or faulty.

5.d DK domains

.dk domains are registered and renewed by DK Hostmaster, and you are obliged to abide by DK Hostmaster’s at all times applicable conditions concerning domains, including DIFO rules for the administration of domain names.

Note that you can register a .dk domain through mono.net, but that any and all future renewals of said domain must happen through DK Hostmaster. Likewise, mono.net does not have the option to cancel your .dk domain on your behalf, but instead cancellation must happen through DK Hostmaster.

5.e SE domains

mono.net is an authorized reseller of Swedish domains. Along with .SE mono will work for the positive development of Internet in Sweden for the benefit of users and society as a whole. Our common goal is satisfied domain owners irrespective of whether they are businesses or individuals. When purchasing one .se the domain you agree to the .SE conditions for the purchase of Swedish domains.

5.f International domains (.com, .co.uk, .info etc.)

mono.net is an authorized Tucows reseller of international domains. You can get an overview of these at www.mono.net/domaene-og-email. When purchasing an international domain, you accept the terms of OpenSRS as well as the following:


Master Contract: Exhibit A

ICANN Policy

Registrants Rights and Responsibilities


Note that is not possible to cancel a domain (gTLD and ccTLD) such as .com or .co.uk through your Mono Account Center. Instead, you must contact mono.net Support via support@mono.net or through a support ticket from your Mono Account Center no later than 14 days before the renewal of the domain in order to avoid the renewal fee.


6. Operating safety

mono.net reserves the right to - without notice - limit or restrict access to a mono.net account or other mono.net services part of a subscription to the extent that mono.net deems such restriction necessary for operating and/or safety concerns.


7. Support

We strive to answer all inquiries as quickly as possible. Note, however, that it may take up to two workdays to answer inquiries regarding support. This means that if you contact mono.net Support on a Friday, you can expect an answer no later than the following Tuesday. And if you contact mono.net Support on a Monday, you can expect an answer no later than the following Wednesday. All support inquiries should be sent to support@mono.net or via our ticket-based system available in your Account Center.

Please note that if you update a support ticket within the two-day period mentioned above, this can prolong the response time. This is because the system sorts inquiries according to the time of the latest update of the ticket. Therefore, if you create a support ticket on a Monday, then send us a new message in the same ticket on the following Tuesday, you can expect an answer no later than the following Thursday. Therefore, we always recommend that you include as much information as possible in your original ticket.

7.a Mono does not offer support on user defined code

Note that mono.net does not offer support on user defined code such as CSS and HTML. Therefore, we recommend that you only make use of CSS or HTML if you have experience with such code, or if you get help from a third party with experience in writing or administering such code.

Note that mono.net cannot assist with solving any problems caused by user defined CSS or HTML code on your site.

7.b mono does not offer support on third party services

Note that mono.net Support only offers support on Mono’s own services – e.g. website subscriptions, email subscriptions (webmail) and/or domains hosted by mono.net.

This means that if you, for instance, use services such as Google Analytics, Google Adwords, MailChimp, Bullsender or Cybersmile you must contact the respective services’ support departments if you need help with these services.

If you have bought one or more email subscriptions through mono.net, we do, of course, offer full support on your webmail service, which is the service you buy through your subscription at Mono. It is also possible to set up your email subscriptions for use in different email clients (e.g. Outlook, iCal, Thunderbird etc.), but note that mono.net does not offer support on setting up or administering said email clients on computers, tablets or phones as these are not regarded as Mono services, but rather third-party services. If you encounter problems with setting up email clients, we recommend that you contact the respective email client’s support department.

7.c Limited support on Mono V5

If you have chosen to enter into a partnership or co-operation with a mono.net reseller or a Mono Expert who utilises Mono V5 software to design and/or maintain your website, note that mono.net only offers limited support for this tool. It is the responsibility of the reseller or the Mono Expert to offer support for your website if this is built in V5. Therefore, you must contact him/her if you are in need of assistance.


8. Personal data

Mono.net is in relation to its subscribers considered data processor of the personal information stored and otherwise handled by you on mono.net. On the handling of personal information the following is agreed: both parties will continuously carry out the appropriate technical and organizational measures in accordance with the stipulations in Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (“the Regulations”) in order to ensure the protection of the rights of the registered parties.

Mono.net will comply with and meet the stipulations of section 28 of the Regulations. This includes – against nominal hourly fees – providing the by section 28 stipulated assistance as well as making information and necessary documentation available to you so that you may supervise mono.net’s compliance with the stipulations in section 28, including contributing to and/or otherwise allowing you the opportunity for revision and audit.

Should you utilise mono.net’s remote support, mono.net must – in collaboration with you – look to limit its access to, and use of, your data as much as possible, as well as – in collaboration with you – ensure that user support is provided by handling as few of your data as possible.

Mono.net reserves the right to – at their own expense and risk – employ subcontractors who will, in turn, handle your personal data. In case of any contemplated change in subcontractors or acquisition of new subcontractors, mono.net must inform you in writing no later than 30 days prior to the contemplated change/acquisition of subcontractor. You have the right to make any objections against the contemplated change/acquisition of said subcontractor. For a list over current subcontractors please visit the privacy policy - section 4a.

Mono.net ensures that all subcontractors are in compliance with the stipulations of section 28 of the Regulations, as well as with any obligations of said section 28. Mono.net cannot – without your previous written consent – transfer any of your personal information to countries outside the EU/EØS.

All handling of your personal information is done in accordance with your documented instructions. Said documented instructions are; partially represented by accepting these Terms & Conditions to ensure that mono.net can meet any with you signed agreements; and partially by any separate instructions you may provide mono.net.

If you do not instruct mono.net otherwise, mono.net are obligated to delete your personal information no later than 3 months after any business relationship between the parties has ceased.

See our latest Privacy Policy here.


9. Breach of contract

In cases of fundamental breach of contract mono.net reserves the right to – in part or in full – terminate any agreement by e.g. closing your subscriptions. Fundamental breach of contract constitutes any disregard for the obligations or commitments that rest on you in pursuance of the current Terms & Conditions.

In case mono.net cannot get in touch with you or renew your subscription via your payment card as a result of your failure to update your contact- and/or card information in your Mono Account Center, mono.net can – without further notice – cease to provide or deliver any further services in accordance with said subscription. It is your responsibility to ensure that your contact- and card information are kept up-to-date in order to avoid termination of your subscription (see Terms & Conditions section 1).


10. Liability and claim for damages

The below mentioned disclaimer of liability applies unless in breach of the general mandatory rules of Danish law.

mono.net waives any punitive damages and/or loss that you may suffer in relation with your subscription including the use of or restricted access to your Mono Account – regardless of any reason or explanation for this – unless mono.net has acted intentionally detrimental towards you, or with gross negligence.

An uptime of 100% is pursued. However, mono.net assumes no responsibility for any possible downtime that may occur. Note that downtimes may occur in connection with the maintenance and/or update of our servers, systems and other software. Mono strives to keep any and all downtimes to an absolute minimum.

Consequently, mono.net waives any responsibility for losses – direct or indirect – including operating losses, consequential losses, loss of data, and/or data recovery.

Should mono.net be held accountable for any loss, accountability is limited to an amount corresponding with the price paid for the affected subscription period.

Note that you are responsible for keeping your login information private. Handing-over of said login information can lead to unauthorized use or abuse, and consequently mono.net assumes no responsibility regarding any costs, losses or damages suffered in connection with the handing-over of login information.

mono.net waives any responsibility that the design templates made available to you for the establishing of websites or web shops are in compliance with general or specific legislative requirements relevant to your solution.


11. Transfer and conveyance

According to present conditions mono.net reserves the right to partially or completely transfer/convey your subscription – including your rights and obligations – to a third party.


12. Changing terms of business and prices

mono.net reserves the right to change the prices on the different subscription types, as well as to collect payment for services and products which were previously free of charge. However, changes in price on existing subscriptions can only come into force upon renewal or extension of a subscription period. This ensures that you have the option of discontinuing a subscription before a change in price comes into effect.

mono.net reserves the right to change the contents of this agreement at any given time and without notice. You are responsible for being familiar with the at all times valid terms and conditions presented on www.mono.net, including the rules for the registering of Swedish and international domains according to the terms and conditions of .SE regarding the registration of Swedish domains.


13. Applicable law

Any dispute arising from the existing agreement shall be settled in accordance with existing Danish laws with The City Court of Copenhagen representing the relevant jurisdiction. Applicable laws do not include Danish law’s international private laws or any other laws which lead to the possible application of any other than Danish law.


14. Terms of use

14.a Updated user information

You commit yourself to giving correct and sufficient and satisfactory information in connection with the opening of your account on mono.net. You agree in this regard to receive legally binding notices via the stated email address affiliated with your mono.net account. It is your responsibility to continuously update your contact- and payment card details so that mono.net can contact you for the purpose of extending your subscription at any given time. Failure to update said information is regarded as a material breach of contract on your part.

14.b Use of design templates

mono.net provides a number of design templates for your personal use on a non-exclusive basis. mono.net retains all rights for these design templates. This applies even if you have in any way altered the design templates. You do not retain the right to in any way copy or redistribute these design templates. In the event that mono.net finds it necessary to alter or remove one or more design templates, mono.net are not liable for any loss – direct or indirect – that you may suffer as a result thereof.

14.c Ads on Free sites

All websites created at Mono from January 2011 to October 2015 which fall under the category “Free”, will automatically contain branding links leading to www.mono.net. It is possible to remove these links by upgrading to a paid subscription.

14.d Use of illegal material on your website

It is not permitted to use mono.net for the distribution of illegal material, including material which you do not have permission to publish or store. This includes pictures, movies, links, texts etc. Furthermore, the websites you create in mono.net’s tool may not contain offensive or objectionable material, including pornographic material, “hate-sites” and/or further content which mono.net in its sole discretion deems offensive or objectionable. Such websites will automatically be shut down without warning – regardless of whether you are a paying customer or not, and regardless of whether you alone, or a number of persons have access to the material. Mono is not obligated to refund any subscription fees in the event that your website is shut down due to offensive or objectionable material. You alone are responsible that all content (information, data, text, software, music, audio, pictures, graphics, video etc.) which you publish on your Mono website is in compliance with Danish and/or international law. Mono.net does not supervise or inspect the contents of your website are not responsible for the quality or legality of said content.

14.e Use of storage and traffic

mono.net further reserves the right to remove any content or files, including .zip, .mp3, .jpg etc. if said content puts an unduly strain on our servers. The purpose of mono.net is not to function as external storage of larger quantities of files for free download or display, but rather as a display case and/or sales platform for physical or legally accountable persons. Note that mono.net do not offer FTP-access.

Generally – and as a rule of thumb – mono.net offers unlimited traffic and storage for paid subscriptions. This means that you do not pay an extra fee for the amount of data sent or received from respective Mono-services, or for the amount of storage used. This presumes a normal traffic flow and/or use of storage. In case traffic flow or use of storage is disproportional, this can put an unnecessary strain on server resources, which can affect other mono.net users. Note that mono.net’s services are developed with the purpose of helping small and medium sized businesses market themselves, and is therefore adapted to meet these needs. Thus, the use of our services for the purpose of e.g. file sharing and/or streaming services is considered illegal use.

In case your traffic flow and/or use of storage is disruptive to other Mono-users, mono.net reserves the right to terminate the service in question – e.g. your website – immediately and without warning, or to charge a separate fee for traffic handling and/or storage use which is not disruptive to other Mono-users. Mono further reserves the right to solely assess whether traffic flow is deemed disruptive, as well as whether – for operational and/or safety reasons – a circumscription or termination is necessary, or whether payment of a separate fee is necessary. In case of termination refunds for prepaid subscriptions are not refunded.

14.f Spam, phishing or spoofing not allowed

Content which is considered spam, generated by bots/programs, and/or contains unethical or otherwise unwanted commercial content designed to direct traffic to third party websites or boost search engine rankings for third party websites, or which contributes to phishing or spoofing is not allowed. Mono reserves the right to immediately and without warning terminate websites containing this type of content.

It is not permitted to use mono.net’s email system to send bulk emails. Bulk emails can mean sending out emails to e.g. more than 500 recipients in 24 hours. Furthermore, it is not permitted to distribute spam (unwanted) emails. If it is discovered that your email has been used to send bulk emails and/or spam, your email service will be suspended without further notice. To reactivate your email, you must contact mono.net support on support@mono.net. Please note that mono.net is not obligated to cover any losses suffered in connection with the downtime of said email, and that mono.net is not otherwise obligated to reopen an email if it is deemed that it will used for sending out further bulk emails in the future.

In the case of a breach of the conditions for illegal content or spam emails mono.net reserves the right to inform the relevant authorities of such, as well as to surrender login information etc. to said authorities. Mono further reserves the right to demand payment for time/resources spent in connection with the passing on of information concerning illegal use and/or the surrendering of login information to the relevant authorities.


15. Rights and ownership

Mono owns any and all content and services available on the mono.net website, as well as any and all content and material available through mono.net, our partners, affiliates, subsidiaries, employees, agents, licensors, or other commercial partners. This includes, but is not limited to, software, informational text, software documentation, design templates, layout, photographs, graphics, audio, video, messages, design and functions, files, documents, images, or other material, whether publicly posted or privately transmitted. Ownership of the abovementioned descends to any partner who has supplied mono.net with the license to use any content or services covered by copyright, trademark or other intellectual property laws.

All Mono’s trademarks, service marks, logos, slogans, and taglines are the property of Mono. All other trademarks, service marks, logos, slogans, and taglines are the property of their respective owners. Furthermore, nothing should be construed as Mono granting any license or right to use any trademarks, service marks, logos, slogans or taglines displayed on mono.net without our express written consent, or the express written consent of such third parties that may own the trademark, service mark, logo, slogan or tagline.


16. Declarations and guarantees

As a customer of mono.net you declare and guarantee that the content you use and/or distribute via mono.net’s services is content that you have the right to use. You further declare that said content is truthful; not misrepresentative, misleading, plagiarising, defamatory, slandering, defamatory, or otherwise harmful for any party. Furthermore, you declare and guarantee that your use of Mono’s services, and the content you create through said services, do not infringe on any third party’s private rights. At the same time, you declare that you will not violate any of the current guidelines and/or rules for marketing, and that you will not use mono.net’s services or the content you create through these, for any illicit or illegal activity.