Want to become a reseller?

If you want to become a reseller of Mono’s software, you first need to identify what type of reseller you want to be which depends on your company’s size and the volume of websites you aim at delivering to your SMB customers. 

Become a mono.net reseller

If you have a smaller agency aiming at designing 10-50 websites a year, then you are fit to become a mono.net reseller. Note that the software offered in mono.net is a DIY friendly software that offers limited design capabilities but is perfect for the SMB audience to use. As a mono.net reseller you are offered an affiliate contract that gives you monetary and support-related benefits. Read more about the mono.net reseller programme here: http://www.mono.net/bliv-mononet-forhandler

Become a Mono Solutions reseller

Are you part of a bigger business targeting SMBs and do you want to deliver websites at scale to your customers (50-1000+ websites a month)? Then you might qualify to become a Mono Solutions reseller. 

As a Mono Solutions reseller you will get access to the newest website software and multisite management tools available. Our extensive reseller API enable our reselling partners around the world to fully integrate the Mono platform with their existing systems and customer tools, as well as to auto generate ready-to-publish sites including listing data and heading specific content. 

Read more about how to become a Mono Solutions reseller at www.monosolutions.com