mono d4 beta launch

D4 Beta Launch

We’re just so excited that we couldn’t resist breaking our “silent” beta launch of our new design system called D4. Some of you might already have noticed a few new modules in mono tool and perhaps also the D4 design skins. While there will be a lot of detailed information to follow in the coming weeks here’s a brief summary.

What is D4?

D4 is a new design system consisting of 31 new skins, 13 new modules (available for use on D4 skins only), a new ‘rich footer’ functionality and a new central data system called ‘global data’. It’s actually a lot but we’ll keep it simple today.

D4 is in beta right now but it is fully functional and available for use for all mono customers with V3 or later! No need to upgrade. mono Free users will experience some limitations on some of the new modules but not on the skins.  So feel free to go and play with D4 today! We know you’ll love it! 

New Skin Designs

Give your website a fresh, modern look with a D4 skin.  There are six new header/menu designs in both light and dark skins with several different color combinations across 4 new font sets. The options are endless. 

new d4 skins

Can’t find the color combination you like? Stay tuned! D4 skins have been built so you can very easily change the color schemes without any prior CSS knowledge. More on that later, though.

New Modules

There are thirteen new, additional modules available for use with a D4 skin.  Perhaps the most exciting? The Carousel gallery module! This is a gallery module that will automatically change pictures at an interval you choose.

sliding carousel module

Compatibility between D3 & D4 Skins

Try a D4 skin totally risk free. You can always switch back to a D3 design. Just note that any D4 specific modules will not be visible on your D3 site. If you’re unsure which modules are only for D4 don’t worry - the tool will let you know when you switch designs.

More information to come

There is truly a great amount of functionality with the release of D4 that we can’t go into it all in one blog post. We’ll be communicating more in the coming weeks so hold tight. In the meantime we encourage you to play with D4 and give us your feedback!  Leave a comment below or create a support ticket and let us know your experiences with D4!