SEO Basics

Using the mono tool for SEO

SEO Series #2

Learn how you can easily improve your online presence by using the SEO functions within the mono tool. Even though SEO can be very hard to figure out, these tips can really help you influence your website’s rankings!

Page-level SEO

The quickest and easiest way to improve your search engine ranking is choosing a keyword or two for each page of your site and optimizing page-level elements such as the page title, description, content, url and images. 

Page title and description

To edit your page title and description within the mono tool, go to your website and find the page structure/menu on left-hand side. Click on the little cog wheel next to the page and go to Advanced settings.

Here you should fill out the Page Title (use a maximum of 66 characters) and the Description (use a maximum of 150 characters). Google reads these fields to understand what your page is about so it’s important to include your top keywords in these fields. Also note that these texts are often ones that will appear in the Google search when people search for your company or keywords, so it is important that they are easy to understand and sell your business well.

TIPS for improving Page Titles! 

  • Place your Keywords in the beginning of the title
  • Each of your pages should have unique page titles
  • Use a pipe (|) character as a phrase separator. It makes it easier for your visitors to scan what your page content is and helps Google inspect your content. Many businesses choose to end all their page titles with their business name separated by a pipe. Ex: Order Flowers Online | Belle’s Flowers

Get more tips from Usability Geek.

Use informative and keyword-rich URL's

It is important that your URL contains the keywords that you think represents the current page in order for the search engines to index them high. Also remember that the URLs appear in the search results for the users to see. So keep them simple and easily readable! 

Optimize your content

You should also include your keywords within the text content of your page. SEO experts recommend that you use your chosen keyword(s) at least 2-3x within the written content of your page. However, make sure you avoid ”stuffing” your page with keywords as this can be penalized by Google. Use keywords naturally and where it makes sense. Always keep your end-user in mind.

Use keywords to describe your images

If you have placed an image on your page, click it and find the field ”Alternative text (for search engines)”. Here you can give a proper description of the image in relation to the page content with important keywords that search engines use to know what the image depicts. 

Social Media

Social media has proven to have a direct impact on the search engine friendliness on your website. Therefore it is very important that you set up a social media presence, if it makes sense for your business. The mono blog has more tips on getting started with social media.

Google+ has also proven to be extremely important for your Google ranking and must be mentioned. Therefore, you should consider setting up a Google+ presence with Google+ Local Pages for business. Read more about it in the blog post Get started with Local Online Marketing and Google+.

What are your Experiences with SEO?

Have you used the mono tool to improve your SEO? Have you tried other tactics using the mono tool not mentioned in this post?  We would love to know, so please comment in the field below.