Using Facebook apps for business

3 Additional Ways to use Facebook Apps

A few weeks ago we discussed how to use the mono Facebook app to drive more out of your Facebook presence. Today we’re exploring additional ways to use apps to customize your Facebook page and create a bigger social presence.

1. Integrate Other Social Media Channels

We are used to thinking of various social media channels as separate, but with Facebook apps you can actually integrate many of them and thus create a hub for promoting all your content. Take a look at mono’s Facebook page as an example where you can find apps for our presence on both Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We tried using Woobox, but you can also find other providers with a quick Google search until you find one that suits you best.

2. Run a Contest or a Promotion

Contests are still one of the most popular uses of Facebook apps and recently Facebook made it a lot easier to run a contest on the social platform. Read more about it here. You can find many different providers of contest applications on the web, but to save you the Google search you can check out Offerpop, Shortstack or Strutta.

3. Get More Sign-ups for your Email

If you are one of the many who send out emails such as newsletters to your customers, you can benefit from adding a sign-up app to your Facebook page where visitors and followers can sign up to your email list. Depending on your mail provider, you can integrate a sign-up form with a Facebook app. If you use Mailchimp for example, you can follow this link to see how you can easily add a form to your Facebook page. 

How are you using your Facebook apps?

Please share your tips in the comment field below and feel free to share your Facebook page. Thanks!