What Makes an Exceptional Website?

Have you ever thought about what makes you linger when you visit a website and how you found it in the first place? There are many things to consider when creating a website, so in this blog post we would like to focus on what makes a great site and how you can improve your SEO so that your target audience can easily find your mono website!

Content is King, but how?

Content is certainly very important since your visitors come into your website mainly for this. There is a chance that they might visit you once to check your site out, but if you want them to revisit; the content plays the leading role in the cast. Creating valuable and credible content is vital - and being authentic in doing so. Also remember to organise the content so your visitors can easily find what they are looking for. With the new release of Google Penguin; content also plays an even more important role in SEO. 

And in terms of SEO it is very important that you get others to link to your website, and: “The best way to get other sites to create relevant links to yours is to create unique, relevant content that can quickly gain popularity in the Internet community. The more useful content you have, the greater the chances someone else will find that content valuable to their readers and link to it.” Read more about content and Google Penguin here.

Neat Design

The design of your website is undoubtedly important. When visitors come into your site, the design is the first thing they meet; that is why it is important that they like it and associate it with you and your brand. Therefore choosing a design that visually supports the look and feel of your brand is key in creating a great website. In mono there a many pre-designed templates and and you can customize it as much as you want with the Custom CSS option. Check out some great looking websites created with the mono website builder.


Think about how you are going to construct your website before creating it; how many items will be in the menu, how many submenus you need, how long your pages should be etc. People want to find what they want fast and easy.

You can easily create different types of menu structures in mono that makes it easier for your visitors to browse your site. Instead of creating long pages you can create as many subpages as you want. Another important point is that if your visitors have to rely on the browser’s back button to navigate around, it means that you are doing something wrong. Read more about how to create a good information architechture.

Home Page Architecture

Browser compatibility

People use different browsers like Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome - see browser statistics -  and it is important that your website shows correctly in all of them. Fortunately, your mono site is already optimized for all browsers and all images you use for creating your website are automatically optimized for web!

Search Engine Optimization Ready

So, how you are going to reach people when your website is all done? If no one can find you by search, it does not matter how awesome your website is. You need to make your website and its content attractive, relevant and visible to search engines. And as for the rest, you can count on mono!  You can easily enter all SEO (search engine optimization) items such as page title, keywords, descriptions etc. for each of your pages so that search engines such as Google easily can read and index your website.

Interactivity – Social Media Integration

Social media is a great way of spreading the word about your site. Integrating with social media is also good for boosting your SEO (search engine optimization), improving your business’s footprint on the social web and to build up a group of followers across numerous social platforms. For those reasons, it is important to have a website that is fully integrated with social media (Facebook, Twitter and Google+), where people can share, leave comments, likes etc.

You can easily make your mono website ready for social media. Just drag ‘n drop social modules like Facebook likes and shares,comment fields, Pinterest, Twitter and Google+ plugins wherever you want. Moreover, with the RSS module you can have syndicate content automatically from blog entries, news headlines, audio, video etc.


You need your website running 24/7 without any problem or latency. A slow site is frustrating and it makes your visitors leave your website right away. Besides making your visitors annoyed and increasing your bounce rate, bad hosting can also affect your SEO (search engine optimization) badly, because webpage-loading speed is one of the parameters for ranking in search engines.

With the mono site builder you already get the best and fastest hosting service, which is totally optimized, without paying extra. For this reason your visitors will never experience slow page-loading or latency which will improve your rank in search engines. 

What do You Think makes an Exceptional Website?

Would you like to share your own tips on how to create a stunning website? Feel free to share your thoughts below!