Google+ Local Pages

Get started with Local Online Marketing and Google+

The rise of online marketing for small business is likely not completely foreign to a local business owner but for most, it can be daunting. It doesn’t have to be. Local online marketing could be the best decision you make for your business. Traditional offline channels like flyers, radio, newspapers are expensive and out of date. More and more individuals use the web, more specifically, search engines to find local businesses.  

In our post we’ll discuss the importance of local online marketing as well as how you can easily get started for free by simply creating a Google+ local page.

Key Trends in Local Marketing 2013

  • “The number of SMBs with mobile websites will triple. More local businesses will adopt mobile-optimized websites as consumers conduct an increasing number of local searches on their mobile devices”. 

Fortunately, this is no surprise to mono. Remember that you can easily copy your mono desktop website to a mobile version to reach your customers on the go.

  • “National brands with multiple locations or franchises will go increasingly local. As the ROI of local marketing is realized by a greater percentage of marketing executives whose businesses sell locally, the ad dollars that were earmarked for corporate branding will be transferred to local marketing campaigns.”

The trend is obvious. Even the bigger national brands are going local, and so should you. The days of mass marketing are limited. Focus on personalizing your marketing more towards your local audience. 

  • “Google will remain the dominant horizontal player for local search, but consumers will increasingly go vertical. Google continues to be the most used search engine and, after introducing Google+ Local pages in 2012, will continue to help small business owners drive an online presence.” 

Google is the new yellow pages and therefore it is very important that you get your business on Google in a proper way. Try to make a quick Google search for your business right now – are you in the top where new customers can easily find you? Is the most relevant information available such as a map, your opening hours and your phone number? If not, don’t fret. The quickest way to solve this is to set up a Google+ Local page.

Google+ Local Pages

Google+ Local helps put you on top of the search results with a link to your site and a map showing your business simply based on your location. The best part? Setting this up is completely free. So if you are spending a lot of money on Adwords and haven’t attempted Google+ Local yet, you are possibly paying for clicks you could otherwise get for free.

The first thing you need to do to get a Google+ Local page is to create a Google+ account. Then you can create a personal profile that allows you to create as many Google+ business pages you’d like. This is called Google plus for business.

What are your Experiences?

Are you marketing your business locally and do you have good or bad experiences with it? Please share your thoughts! And if you have a Google+ page feel free link to your Google+ account below; mono would love to follow you!