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Good People

Modern web design bureau

Good People is a digital and creative studio that integrates marketing, creativity and digital strategies through modern web design and visual communication and productions. Their core product is content for video marketing, but they also provide a wide range of products from video testemonials, music videos, product videos, documentaries to social media management, design and photography.

Website / Mobile site / Facebook pages

Good people have chosen to take advantage of the broad pallet of solutions, which the mono-package offers. They have developed a complete a modern web design with gorgeous visual effects and a mobile version that has been optimized communicatively for customers on the go and which at the same time matches the beautiful design of the website. Furthermore, Good people's Facebook page has gotten a supplement in the form of a mono FB page. This enables customers to find inspiration and get orientated about Good people and their services on Facebook too.



modern web design, good people, martin thaulow

About Good people and Mono

We have been using Mono for our websites for many years. The new D4 design opened up a world of new opportunities. Our new D4 website has been styled 100% according to our wants and needs by e.g. choosing a font that matches our visual identity and creating a modern web design. Mono's Facebook integration has been an eye-opener. It has provided us with a unique and design oriented tool that enables us to easily and precisely communicate to and inspire our customers and Facebook followers. It's feels amazing to have everything gathered in one place!

- Martin, Owner