mono d4 modules

New D4 Modules

As you hopefully know, our brand new D4 Design is now live and is a whole new generation of mono Design. But did you also know that D4 comes packed along with 14 new, fantastic modules? To make sure you get a taste of all the new features available, we’ll use this post to take you on a tour around these awesome new modules. 

Module Overview

Here’s a quick overview of all the new modules and where you can find them. Remember that you have to use a D4 design in order to use the modules.

New ‘Content’ modules


  • ​Testimonial module
  • Spot box module with button
  • Product with price 1 (Small image)
  • Product with price 2 (Larger image)
  • Product list module
  • Unique selling points module
  • Display module
  • Three column text module
  • Four column text module
  • Carousel gallery module
  • Call or email (tap to email or tap to call in one module)
  • Jumbotron module

New ‘Special’ modules


  • ​Combined map and contact module
  • Vertical navigation module

Now let’s go in depth with some of these new modules to explore their amazing functionalities.

Display Module

display text module

The display module is designed to make it easy for you to emphasize a piece of text on a page. Here you simply enter the text and then specify the text size, color and background color. You do this by entering the hex color code in the 'font color'- and 'background color'-fields like this: #333333. You can find hexcodes for each color variant by searching on the web or through your image editing software (e.g. Photoshop). For starters you can look here

Jumbotron & Carousel

Wow! And wow! These are definitely two of our favorite gallery modules. They have some similarities and some very interesting differences. Both guarantee a very visual focus on your site!


The Jumbotron module is different from other mono modules because it spans the whole width of the page (if applied to a full-width placeholder). The module allows you to upload multiple images and add content to each image - just like in a picture gallery. Once you’ve uploaded all your pictures, click the thumbnails to start editing them one by one.

Here you have the option of adding a text overlay. The text overlay will be displayed on top of the image. Choose the alignment of the text (right, left, centered) and adjust the text size, color and background color just like in the Display module.

You can also add a button to your Jumbotron images with a button-text and a URL so that the button is clickable. You could e.g. use this to lead your visitors from your home page to your shop.

If you click “Advanced” in the module you can decide how you want the images to behave. Set the frequency to a certain amount of seconds and you’ve got yourself a slideshow. For the sake of usability you it’s possible set the "animation" to stop when the user’s mouse is moving over an image. 


carousel module

The Carousel module is ideal if you want a series of images to automatically change on your page. It has great slide show functionality where you can add text on your individual images as an overlay on top of each image. This module does not stretch out across the page like the Jumbotron module but has arrows in each side that visitors can click to change the images themselves.

Once uploaded, each image can be edited and described inside the modules 'image setting section' (to open this section click on each individual image inside the module). And of course you can also choose the frequency between shifts yourself.

Product with Price

product with price module

This module is ideal as e.g. a product teaser or menu item. This module is especially helpful for displaying products / services that you don't necessarily sell online but still want to promote via your website. 

The main features of the 'product with price'-module are: Image, headline, preamble, body text and a price tag. Furthermore the module has an optional link feature if you want to link to a subpage or product description somewhere else. 


The testimonial module is a must have if you want to build credibility and customer trust around your business or product. The module displays quotes in brackets with an image of the author. Testimonials are especially handy on product pages, landing pages and even homepages. Essentially you can put them anywhere you want to create a sense of trust for your brand.

Which is your Favorite?

If you’ve tried out some of these new modules, please let us know how they work for you!