What Makes a Great Mobile Website?

As smartphones and other mobile devices have become commonplace these days, the Internet is going through a mobile revolution and in 2013 more people browse the Internet from a mobile device than from a PC! In this blog post, we will help you improve or get started on your mobile mono website with some great tips and useful guidelines. 

Do I Need a Mobile Site?

The simple answer is yes, you need a mobile website. Most handheld devices (inclusive smartphones and tablets) have small screens and your desktop website is designed and optimized for large PC screens. When people are browsing your website from a mobile device every aspect of the content becomes much smaller, making it more difficult for your visitors to read and navigate your site.

You need a mobile version of your website that is optimzed and designed for mobile devices and the special features that demands, e.g. clicking on the screen with a finger instead of using a mouse. Mobile and local SEO is also extremely important for reaching users on the go. All content, features, design etc. will be optimized for mobile use, making it more user friendly to read and navigate and creating the best possible user experience on your site. 

Mobile Websites are Especially Important for Businesses

The need for a great mobile site is paramount for any size business. In a study from GoMo, 66% of respondents said that they are disappointed in the company if their website is difficult to browse and navigate from a mobile device. 

In other words, it is critical to create a superior user experience when browsing your website from a mobile device. If your website creates a bad user experience you are most likely to lose the visitor, thus losing a potential customer and a potential sale.

Mobile websites are especially crucial for small businesses that depend on local customers.  A good mobile website will allow you to succeed with mobile marketing. According to a survey done by Web.com and Lab42, 84% of businesses that engaged in mobile marketing techniques reported an increase in new business as a direct result.

Create a Great Mobile Site

Is it easy to create a great mobile site with mono! Before creating your mobile site you should consider following:

1) What will make your mobile website successful?

  • A mobile site is a valuable way of expanding your market and customer base. Your primary goal is likely to get more potential customers to contact you or to come to your local shop. If you wish to convert site visitors to customers you need to optimze your mobile site for these goals. Make your site easy to read and navigate with the most important information available on every page, such as a phone number or your address. Continue to optimize your site for SEO for an even bigger impact.

2) What are the primary needs of  your visitors?

  • It is crucial to understand your visitors' needs and motives for visiting your mobile site. Customers' needs should dominate the way you structure and prioritize content on your mobile site. For example, if you have a hotel then visitors need to be able find your hotel, assess options and book a room. Therefore, a map on the front page might be a good idea with easy navigation and an obvious booking option. If you have a café then opening hours might be important to display along with a menu. For restaurants, reservations could be the most important. If you are a handyman, visitors are likely looking for a phone number but recommendations/reviews might also be important to highlight. A 'tap-to-call' button on the top of your mobile site will make it easy to contact you (more than 50% of mobile users use a tap-to-call buttons). 

3. What is the visitor's situation?

  • Your visitors are on the go - maybe walking or driving. Do not write lengthy content that demands concentration. Write short and clear text. Avoid graphic material which might require a heavy bandwith making the loading experience bad. Limit the number of navigation buttons and only create the pages needed. Most of your visitors only view your homepage so make sure your homepage contains the most important information. 

Create a Great Mobile Site with mono

With the mono tool you can easily create mobile sites and design them to fulfill the needs of your mobile visitors. If you already have created a mono website, you can create a mobile version with just one click! Just go to Mobile > Site settings > Import content from website. You can also choose to adjust some of the content on the mobile site to ensure the most important information is appears where it should.

Implement 'tap-to-call' buttons, making it possible for users to call you with just one tap on the screen. You can also view reporting in the mono platform and get reports about how visitors are using your mobile site. Here you'll find information like how many visitors there are, where they click, what content they view the longest, etc. Reporting is a great tool to find out whether or not the contents of your mobile site meet the needs of your visitors.