Technical Specifications

mono - an online application

Building your Mono site
Mono is an online application, meaning that you do not have to download a program to create your website, however preferably work with one of the following browsers:

- Internet Explorer 7.0 and above for PC
- Mozilla Firefox 1.0 + for PC / LINUX / Mac
- Safari for Mac
- Chrome for PC or Mac

Note that we do not support beta versions of new browsers.

Mono is optimized for all platforms, so you can update and maintain your website no matter what computer you're on. Unix, Linux, Mac OSX, Windows.

Viewing your Mono site
Your website can be viewed by anyone who visits your sites from the browsers listed above. You have the ability to password protect pages you do not want to be visible to the public.

All Mono websites are W3C HTML validated, which means that regardless of which operating system or browser your site viewers are using, it will be possible for them to see your website. You do not need to be worried about whether your website is optimized for MAC, Firefox, Internet Explorer etc.

The best technical platform
The HTML used on your Mono site is W3c validated HTML5 which combined with CSS and the Mono tool itself makes your site very search engine friendly. The tool is developed in PHP and is entirely object-oriented.The data storage is based on XML/MySQl.

Mono offers extremely high performance because of the optimized hierarchical structure.The backend caching function allows for high speed as all the data is kept in the cache and does not need to be generated every time a call is made in the database.

Note about Mono version 1
If you are using Mono version 1 be aware that your website can be seen in the following browsers

- Internet Explorer 5.5 PC
- Internet Explorer 6.0 PC
- Internet Explorer 7.0 PC
- Mozilla Firefox 1.0+ PC/LINUX/Mac
- Safari MAC