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Snedker Studio

Website design inspiration - A WORLD OF COLORS

Pernille Snedker Hansen is the creator of Snedker Studio. Pernille is a designer and artist who challenges how we look at the surfaces around us. Created one drop at the time and resembling a tree growth rings, Pernilles technique responds to naturally occurring patterns. A culmination of years of experimentation and development, Pernille has re-purposed the traditional craft of marbling. She has, among others, received a Wallpaper Design Award in 2012 and exhibits her work in conjunction with the Danish Crafts Council.

To keep the focus on her colorful design, Pernille needed a website with simple framework and a professional and modern look. Her Mono site balances whitespace nicely, keeping her work and designs in focus in a clear, visual and beautiful way. Get your website design inspiration from Pernille Sneder and Snedker Studio.


Pernille Snedker and mono

Using the Mono tool allowed me to create a professional website that keeps my work in focus in a beautiful and visual way. Mono is user-friendly and in just a short time I was able to build a website that I'm very happy with. I got a lot of my own website design inspiration from other amazing Mono sites. I would recommend Mono to anyone looking to improve their business online. 

- Pernille, Founder