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Facebook for Small Business


As promised, we will take you a little deeper into the world of Facebook to help you find success with the world’s biggest social network. With more than 1.1 billion active monthly users Facebook is a great place to meet your customers if you don't have resources to be active on many different social media sites or just want to reach a broad audience. 9 million+ small businesses already use Facebook and 50% of small business owners report gaining new customers through social media – most notably through Facebook! And did you know that 51% of Facebook users are more likely to buy from the brands they follow?

In other words, there are many reasons for small businesses like cafés, photographers, florists, boutiques, etc to engage in Facebook. And you don't have to spend more than 1/2 an hour a week to get good results!

Boost Loyalty with Existing Customers

Facebook can especially be a great help for engaging your existing customer-base more in your business. Note that it is important that you tell your customers about your Facebook site and what the benefit is for them to follow you. A good tip is to incorporate a Facebook plugin on your website, hang a small advertisement in your physical store or tell your customers in person. Don’t expect them to find their own way.

You can use your Facebook site for many different things, e.g. sharing new products, promotions, and also to learn more about your customers and their preferences to help you improve your business. This can be done by asking them directly on Facebook about what they prefer, or getting an overview of what kind of content like pictures, videos or company updates on your wall they respond most positively to. Read these great tips from Facebook themselves on how to reach your audience in the best way: Best practice for Page Publishing. 

Use Facebook Ads or Sponsored Stories to Reach New Customers

For small businesses it can be difficult to increase awareness and acquire new customers through Facebook, because users have to know the brand, or know people in their network who do, in order to find it.

To overcome this problem you can consider using paid Facebook ads to target your presence to potential segments like using Sponsored Stories or Offers to reach potentially new customers through existing customers' network. With targeted ads you can target potential customers very accurately in terms of location, age, gender and more, increase awareness with the right people, and maybe acquire new business! If you want to know more about the development in paid social media, take a look at this report

Customize & Expand your Facebook Presence

As a standard when you create a Facebook page for your business, it will just include your “Wall”. This is all well and good but to get more out of Facebook we recommend you customize your Facebook presence a little more by adding custom Facebook pages. You can essentially create a mini-website within your Facebook presence. Add competitions, resource pages, menu’s, price lists, etc. In this way you can give your followers more value.

We know that small businesses don't have time to spend several hours a week on creating and developing a Facebook page. Here at mono we’ve made it easy for you to create a custom Facebook site using drag'n'drop modules and simple Facebook integration. Best of all? It is absolutely free.

The mono Facebook tool also allows easy creation of so called 'like gates'. Depending on whether the user has 'liked' your Facebook page or not, you can control how much of the page the user is allowed to see! This is especially great if you want to share e.g. new products or great offers with existing fans only.

Updated March 12, 2015: Note that Mono no longer will be updating the Facebook tool.