.SE Information

mono.net is a contracted Registrar of .SE (The Internet Infrastructure Foundation), responsible for the Internet top-level domain for Sweden, .se. Together with .SE, mono.net works for a positive development of the Internet in Sweden, for the good of users and society in general. Satisfied domain name holders, whether they are large corporations or individual consumers, is our common objective. 

.SEs General Conditions
By clicking this link, you will be directed to .SEs General Conditions for the registration of .se domain names.

Services and Prices for the Registration of Domain Names by mono.net. 
Registration / Renewal Fee, new registration: 100 dkr.

All the above fees are exclusive of VAT. 

Information on the Management of Personal Data 
mono.net handles personal data in accordance with the DK's Data Protection legislation and in accordance with .SE's integrity policy. 

Opening times 
mono.net is open for customer enquiries Monday to Friday 9 am to 5.30 pm. You can either e-mail your query to support@mono.net or use our online chat in the account center and we will swiftly respond to you. 

Company Information 

mono solutions A/S
Baggensensgade 4C
2200 Copenhagen
Org. no. 30192648
Phone +45 32 10 30 70
E-mail info[at]mono.net