Terms for the SEO starter kit

It is very important that you read the terms listed below before you order the SEO starter kit.

When you buy an SEO starter kit, a Mono employee will optimize 5 or 10 pages on your mono.net website, depending on which package you buy. Note that the 5-10 pages must be from the same website (same domain).

The introductory price for 5 pages are 200 Euro excl. VAT and the price for 10 pages is 335 Euro excl. VAT.

Mono SEO specialiste will begin working on your website when the invoice is paid.

You can choose between two different approaches to the selection of keywords for the pages that are to be optimized for SEO. You can yourself provide keywords to Mono, that you want us to optimize your pages for. You can as an alternative allow Mono's experts to find relevant keywords, which they recommend that you use on your website based on their knowledge  about your business, your product, your industry, and your audience. In that case, Mono's SEO specialists exclusively choose which keywords that will be used.

Our specialists use the selected keywords to optimize your Advanced SEO settings (Meta title, Meta description, URI, 301 redirects) and ALT tags and main headings (H1) on the 5-10 pages we have agreed to optimize.

Note that we will not be optimizing the body text or preamble text on your pages (smaller headlines, introduction texts, body text etc.) because we are not experts in your business and how you want to communicate directly to your site visitors. Therefore, we highly recommend that you make sure to insert the keywords in the texts on your pages to compliment the SEO improvements we have implement. This will definitely boost your SEO!

If you use buttons and links to link internally on your website, you should after the SEO implementation ensure that they continue to link properly. If we change the URI of a page that a button links to from another page, it may result in a 404 error. We only go through the buttons and links on the 5-10 pages we have optimized. You have to make sure to check the buttons and links on other pages yourself.

We can not guarantee that search engines use the meta text we implement on your website. Google decides whether it will use the texts that are specified in Meta fields, or if it wants to show another text from the page. However, good SEO texts significantly increase the chance that Google will choose Meta texts over random text from the site.

We can not guarantee that your website will get a high ranking in search results on Google, after we have delivered the SEO starter kit. Good SEO may take time and requires more than an optimization of basic keywords (e.g. website structure, usability, video and images content, activity on social media, creating value for visitors etc.). The SEO kit contains the basic elements required to get a good start for your website. Read more about SEO for beginners here.

We optimize your website within 5 business days after you and Mono have agreed on the keywords to be implemented on your website. Mono's SEO specialists will ensure that your keywords are of a certain quality, if you have chosen to deliver them yourself. Any communication between the parties before the final agreement of keywords are not part of the 5 business days we use to optimize the site.

Mono has the right to publish your website in the period we are working on your SEO.

Mono is not obliged to maintain your SEO after we have delivered the SEO starting kit. The service which is part of the SEO kit is limited to the period Mono is updating the website's SEO.

As soon as we've published all SEO changes, we will send you an e-mail and make you aware of the changes.

Note that if you have a V1 website, we can not optimize your pages' URI. The price of SEO starter pack is the same whether you have a V1 or V3 website.

Do you have questions about the SEO starting kit? Please contact Mono support here: support@mono.net

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