Want to become a reseller?

Do you have a business targeting SMBs? Then contact us to hear more about how you can help your customers get a professional online presence. Our partners include some of the biggest international players in the Telco and directory publishing industry.

The Mono platform is an online presence platform targeted small and medium sized companies. All markets are different and every business is unique therefore the key to success lies in the ablity to offer a flexible and scalable online solution that meets the needs of your customers. The Mono web presence platform supports mass production and auto generation of websites, mobile sites, custom Facebook pages and e-commerce across all channels.  Thee intuitive self service interface allows your customers to manage and edit 24/7 by logging into the DIY editing platform. The extensive reseller API enable our reselling partners to fully integrate the Mono platform with their existing systems and customer tools, as well as to auto generate ready-to-publish sites including listing data and heading specific content.

Read more about how to become a reseller of the Mono platform www.monosolutions.com